The Bloody Fog

Episode Two, Scene Three

London Museum of Natural History

The room erupts in chaos. The crowd screams and tears away from the stage in a blind panic. Seamus is caught in the flood of people, but he sees that up on the second floor balcony, a mysterious figure turns quickly from the railing. He suspects this was the source of the strange whispering right before Burnham was attacked. He points up and shouts at the guards that someone is upstairs. “There’s no other way out from up there but the main stairs,” one calls back. Seamus tells them to go after the man, but the guards quickly get caught up in making sure the crowd makes it out of the museum without injury. Seamus fights his way back towards the stage, deciding he should run out out to the carriage to retrieve the Hawthorne Club’s weapons, not knowing that Corman and Rikard are already on their way out back.

The Guardians and the Scorpions charge over the stage towards the Hawthornes. Both Pierre and Joel get overwhelmed by the 20-square-foot wave of arachnids, which works its way around their protective clothing to start stinging and clawing. Captain John meets one of the lanky Guardians, and catches a scimitar swipe across the chest that stuns him. The other Guardian mummy menaces Joel, but the bulky seaman dodges its attack. Joel uses the handy bottle in his hand to try to knock the thing’s head off, but the Guardian takes the glass punch like it was nothing. Capt. John shouts and points at the headless body of Francis Burnham, and Dr. Utric takes the hint when he sees the handles of two revolvers sticking out of the dead man’s belt. The doctor hurries over to the body, and fishes the weapons out from under Burnham’s coat. He hands one up to Capt. Feeney and keeps one for himself.

Capt. Feeney fires a shot into one Guardian’s shoulder. It slows the monster down, but does not stop him. The swarm continues to chew away at Joel, although Pierre is able to stumble away and shake the scorpions off him. Dr. Utric shoots through a Guardian, but it doesn’t flinch before chopping a slice out of the Doctor’s shoulder with its sword. Seamus has made his way through the crowd, but decides he’ll never get to the carriage and back in time to be of any use in this fight. He changes course and rushes up onto the stage, where he pries the lid off of the child’s sarcophagus and finds a young skeleton adorned with gold jewelry. To distract the monsters, he grabs the child’s skull and raises it up in the air, shouting at the Guardians, “Stop!” To his surprise, they actually pause in their attacks and turn to face him.

Capt. Feeney takes the opportunity to charge up to the Guardian and shoot it through the back of the skull. It explodes and the figure collapses in a heap of petrified flesh and bone. Pierre rushes forward and pushes the other Guardian, so that it trips into the marauding scorpions. The fallen Mummy crawls its way through the swarm towards Seamus and stands up again to attack. Det. Seamus shatters the child’s skull onto the stage and backs away up the stairs. Captain Feeney cocks his gun again, steps forward and puts the barrel to the Mummy’s head. He blows its ancient brains to dust, and its useless body tumbles to the floor.

Dr. Utricularious is getting eaten alive by the scorpions. He’s disoriented, and stumbles away from their stings so Pierre can cast a holy prayer of healing upon him. The swarm follows him, however, and continues to menace both he and Pierre. It is now that Joel realizes the damage his large feet have done to the scorpions he’s been stepping upon. “We can stomp them!” he shouts, and he proceeds to do just that, slamming his big feet down and down again upon the ugly black creatures, until the horrible, cursed swarm is nothing but a revolting paste in the center of the museum hall floor. “Fucking bugs!” Joel spits, and stumbles away to find another bottle.

Detective Seamus Gore makes his way back down the stairs and sifts through the sarcophagus’ remains, feeling a little bad for smashing the child’s skull. Then he finds an ornate gold necklace and a jade gemstone ring inside, and he feels a little better. Captain Feeney rushes up the main stairs to see what became of the whispering stranger. He follows a dark hallway into a room full of large stuffed hunting birds. In the back of the room is a large open window, the curtains blowing in the breeze. He assumes this was the man’s escape route, and hopes they’ll get another chance to avenge explorer and fellow Ripper Sir Francis Burnham’s gruesome death.


Mr_Hyde Mr_Hyde

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